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amber, 20 yrs old south australia
"There’s so much more to life than finding someone who will want you, or being sad over someone who doesn’t. There’s a lot of wonderful time to be spent discovering yourself without hoping someone will fall in love with you along the way, and it doesn’t need to be painful or empty. You need to fill yourself up with love. Not anyone else. Become a whole being on your own. Go on adventures, fall asleep in the woods with friends, wander around the city at night, sit in a coffee shop on your own, write on bathroom stalls, leave notes in library books, dress up for yourself, give to others, smile a lot. Do all things with love, but don’t romanticize life like you can’t survive without it. Live for yourself and be happy on your own. It isn’t any less beautiful, I promise."
-Emery Allen (via fearlessknightsandfairytales)

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The fabulous Petite Meller shot by me and styled by fashion goddess Nao Koyabu for a new collaboration between Nero Magazine and Olympia Le Tan. This special Lolita jacket designed by her is available at Nero’s pop up event in Isetan Shinjuku where the photos will also be launched.
You can also see a couple of outtakes at my instagram!
Title: How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep
Artist: Bombay Bicycle Club
Album: A Different Kind Of Fix
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"If the ocean can calm itself, so can you. We are both salt water mixed with air."
-Nayyirah Waheed 

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Nikon N80 w/ Nikkor 35mm 1.8G on Fujifilm Superia 400

i miss prague a lot and the nights we spent on the balcony watching the sun go down and smoking cigarettes
Title: You
Artist: Keaton Henson
Album: Birthdays (Deluxe Edition)
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