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amber, 20 yrs old south australia

I jogged for the first time in 40 years today. Max was starting to crack it so I raced him around Macy’s three times and if I go too fast he gets mad because he isn’t winning and I have come to a familiar realisation that I am really unfit.


Shoes at Ashish Spring 2012 
"The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die."
-Juliette Lewis  (via awake-n)

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What makes the Banaue rice terraces a world wonder? Just like the remarkable build of China’s great wall, the complex and extensive system of terraces was built largely by hand by the early ancestors of the indigenous people in the Philippines. Allegedly, if the steps are put end to end, it would encircle half the globe.
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my ultimate goal is to be at peace with myself, eliminate toxic feelings and elements and energies from my life, unlearn negative and harmful practices and thought patterns, stop checking for people that don’t check for me, create a space for myself that is nurturing for growth so that i may generate loving energy for myself and for others, nourish my spirit and balance my energies, i have big dreams and i deserve to live a life i love and let that love radiate

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Title: Cruel
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Album: Strange Mercy
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I really want a tattoo omg

Title: Today
Artist: Smashing Pumpkins
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My hair looked awesome for about five minutes before I went outside and melted in the sun.